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This is the second pilgrim station of Ashtavinayak Yatra, situated in Haveli Taluka in Pune District .


From Pune : 24 Kms far from Pune . (Pune- Hadapsar-Loni-Theur.)

Bus Service : State Transport (ST) buses available from Swargate Bus Depot, Pune.

Railway Service : The nearest Railway station is Loni on Daunde - Pune or Pune - Solapure Route. AutoRickshaw or Taxi is available from the station for Theur which is just 7 kms far away.

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Mythological Story

According to Hindu Mythology, King Abhijit was ruling his kingdom with his wife Gunvati , but the most unfortunate part of the life was that they were not gifted with any child. King went to Rishi Vaishampayan and asked for his advice, Rushi then asked the King and Queen to do tapascharya in dark woods. Both King and Queen did the tapascharya and as a result of which queen gave birth to a son, whom they named as GANA. He was very wise and brave but was very short tempered. Once Prince Gana went to visit Kapil Muni's ashram, Kapil Muni greeted prince with the help of a gem CHINTAMANI. Gana asked for this gem from Kapil Muni, but Kapil Muni refused to give him. This made GANA very angry and he forcefully took Chintamani from Kapil Muni. Kapil Muni felt very bad and prayed Lord Ganesha to help him to get back Chintamani. Lord Ganesha promised Kapil Muni to return Chintamani very soon . Lord Ganesha challenged GANA and , they fought with each other. In which Lord Ganesha killed GANA and took back CHINTAMANI. Lord Ganesha returned Chintamani to Kapil Muni. But by then holy Muni lost the charm for Chintamani, so he asked Lord Ganesha to keep Chintamani with himself. He made an idol and placed it under the Kadumb tree where this incident took place. He named that idol as CHINTAMANI where as original name of Theur was Kadumbnagari.

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About Idol and Temple

The existing temple was built by Dharanidhar Dev from Morya Gosavi family of Chinchwad. The Sabhamandup (Main hall) was built by Thorale Madhavrao Peshwa. The main gate or Mahadarwaja faces towards north, idol is Swayambhu and faces towards east with trunk on its left & the eyes are engraved with gems .

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Accommodation Facilities :

Mr. Aglave , Theur, Taluka: Haveli, Dist. : Pune . Pin 412 110.

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No other Information available.

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