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Ranjangaon is located on Pune - Nagar Highway.


From Pune : 50 Kms ( Pune -Koregon-Shikrapur-Ranjangaon)

Bus Services
: From Shivajinagar Bus Depot you will get buses at regular intervals.

Railway Service
: Nearest Railway station is Urali on Pune -Dound route which is 25 Kms from Ranjangaon .







Mythological Story

Rushi Grutsamad was a very holy person. He was well known for his Ganesha Bhakti. Once he had a big sneeze and from it a red colour boy was born. He fathered the like his own son. Child told Rushi that one day he would conquer the world and Lord Indra. He started pleasing Lord Ganesha by taking his name i.e. "Om Gananantva". He recited this shloka many time till the Lord Ganesha appeared before him . Lord Ganesha gave him three big city of Iron, Silver, Gold told him that only Lord Shiva can destroy this city and when he will destroy the city, he will also give you Mukti. The child was known as Tripurasur because he had Three cities (Sur means city in Sanskrit) given by Lord Ganesha. Due to this mighty power and blessing of Lord Ganesha, Tripurasur become won all the kings and gods, conquered all of them and ruled the world. Therefore they started pleasing Lord Shiva so that he can kill Tripurasur. Lord Shiva fought Tripurasur but could not kill him. He approached Narad Muni for help .He said " O Lord Shiva, you forgot to pray Lord Ganesha. He requested Lord Shiva to chant Shadaksah Ganesh Mantra, before battle. He went to Dandakaranya and started chanting Mantra. Suddenly a Divya Purush came out of Lord Shiva's Mouth. He said, " I am Ganesha, If you want to kill Tripurasur, destroy all the three cities with a single arrow ". Lord Shiva did the same as He was told. The place where Lord Ganesha appeared in front of Lord Shiva is known as Manipur (Ranjangaon). The day is celebrated as Tripurari Pornima and an Idol of Lord Ganesha installed as Mahaganpati.

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About Idol and Temple

The temple is located on main road. The big Mahadarwaja and temple faces towards East. Dishasdhyan technique is used while building the temple. Also in Uttarayan the sun directly follows over main Idol. The idol is facing towards east and it is in asna mandi position, the trunk is turned towards left. Riddhi and Siddhi's standing Idol are besides main Idol.

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Accommodation Facilities:

1) Shree Kshetra Ranjangaon Ganapati Devasthan Trust.
2) Shree Vasant Moreshwar Dev.

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