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Pali is situated at Sudhaghad Taluka of Raighad District.


From Pune: 110 kms (Pune- Talegaon- Lonavala- Khopoli- Pali)

Bus Service:
ST buses are available from Pune & Mumbai.

Railway Service:
At Mumbai - Pune route get down at Karjat Station. Pali is just 30 Kms from this place.




Mythological Story

In Pali, there lived a businessman named Kalyanshet along with his wife Indumati & his son Ballal. Ballal, the son of the businessman was a very religious person and devotee of Lord Ganesha. He worshiped Lord Ganesha all the day along with his friends. The parents of his friends use to think that their children are too young to offer rituals, instead, it is their age of playing and doing mischief. For this reason the parents of Ballal's friends use to blame Ballal and finally they complained to Ballal's father and asked him to do something on this. Ballal's father got very angry on the complaint and one day went into the woods where Ballal use to offer prayer to the LORD. He threw the idol and stared beating Ballal very badly. Ballal was hit everywhere and got wounded throughout his body. It was a painful day for Ballal. His father, instead of taking him to the house left him in the dark wood. But inspite of all this, Ballal never lost his faith in the Lord and kept on praying. This true devotion pleased the LORD and Lord Ganesha appeared before Ballal and asked Ballal to make a wish. Ballal, the humble servant of the LORD asked the lord to stay with him and fulfill the wishes of the needy people. Lord Ganesha touched Ballal and all the wounds and pain of Ballal disappeared. Lord blessed him and the idol at the place Kalyan came to be known as DHUNDIRAJ.

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About Idol and Temple

The temple is very beautiful. It is facing towards east and Dishasadhan is done in Dakshinayan such that the sun falls directly on Lord Ganesha. Main Gabhara is approx. 15 feet high. Sabhamandup is 40' * 20'. Idol is approx. 3 feet. The trunk is turned towards left. Diamond and gem are carved in eyes and navel. Mouse idol carries a Modak (Sweet Ladu) in hand. Shree Dhundivinayak temple is behind the main temple.

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Accommodation Facility

1) Shree Ballaleshwar Devasthan (02142) 42263

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