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Ozar is situated at the bank of Kukadi River, which is near from Lenyadri.


From Pune: 85 Kms. (Pune- Chakan- Rajgurunagar- Manchar- Narayangaon- Ozar)

Only Bus Services:
From Pune Shivajinagar or Swargate.






Mythological Story

Mythological Story There was a king named Abhinandan who had a desire to become Indra for which he started a Yadnya. When Lord Indra came to know about this through Narad Muni, Lord Indra created a Kaalpurush and named him Vighnasur and asked him to destroy the Yadnya of Abhinandan. The Vighnasur did as the same to do as was ask by Lord Indra. But he also tried to destroy all other religious things. All Gods seeked help from Lord Ganesh who promised them to kill Vighnasur. Lord Ganesha took birth at Rushi Parshwaputra and his wife Deepvatsala's home. Then he fought with Vighnasur. Vighnasur lost and asked Lord Ganesh tell me what can I do for it. Lord Ganesha said, " I will free you only if you promise me that you will not trouble any person who is praying me. Vighnasur said it will be done, but Lord Ganesha holds the name as Vighneshwar so that before taking your name the people will remember me. Lord Ganesha said Tathasstu, and Lord Ganesha stayed at the place where all this happened.

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About Idol and Temple

Temple & Idol The temple faces towards east. The Bhaldar And Chopdar i.e. guards statue are at main gate. When you enter through the gate you will find the Idol of Mouse in Marble. The Shikhar and Kalas of Temple are in Gold. The idol of Lord Vighneshwar is faced towards East and trunk is turned towards left & it is in asanmandi position. Gems and Diamonds are fitted in eyes and navel. Riddhi and Siddhi's statue are besides main Idol.

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Accommodation Facilities

1) Shree Vighneshwar Ganapati Devasthan trust Phone: 02132 -88330.

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No other information available.

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