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     Morgaon is situated on the bank of Karha river in Baramati Taluka of Pune District.


From Pune : 79 kms by Road ( Pune- Hudapsar-Choufull-Supa-Morgaon) or 64 kms ( Pune -Hudapsar-Sasvad-Jejuri-Morgaon)

Bus Services: State Transport Bus available from Swargate Bus Depot of Pune.

Railway Services
: Jejuri is the nearest railway station for Morgaon. Take any ST Buses or any Private vehicle or Auto Rickshaw for Morgaon which is only 15 kms from the railway station. Nira Railway Station of Southern Railway is another nearest railway station which is only 23 kms away from Morgaon. State Transport Buses or any Private vehicle or Auto Rickshaw is available .

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Mythological Story

According to Hindu mythology, Daitya King Sindhu was ruling the world from his capital Gandaki , during those days. He had the blessing of immortality from the God of SUN "SURYA ". With GOD'S blessings and his own military strength he won all the Gods and defeated all the kings of that time and kept all the Gods & kings as prisoners in his capital. To overcome the trouble all Gods & kings started worshiping Lord Ganesha . Lord Ganesha with the help of peacock, defeated and killed Sindhusura and thus freed all the Gods and kings from his captivity. To commomorate this incidence, all the gods made an idol of LORD GANESHA and started worshiping Him. Thereby the temple was named as Mayureshwar.

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About Idol and Temple

The temple is like a small fort with 50 feet high walls all around with four pillars "Stambha" at four corners and main gate i.e. Mahadarwaja facing towards north. After climbing 11 steps, you will reach to Nagarkhana, where nagaras (Dhol) were played three times a day. As you enter into Mahadarwaja, you will come across an idol of mouse & Nandi (Bull) (the vehicle of Lord Ganesha & Lord Shiva respectively), Mahadarwaja leads to the temple. The idol is in sitting posture with trunk turned towards its left, the gems are engraved on eyes and naval, there is Nagraj on idol's head & idols of Riddhi and Siddhi (daughters of Lord Bramha) are on both sides of the idol of Lord of Ganesha. There are small idols of Mouse and Peacock in the front. There is a myth about this idol that the original idol was created by Lord Bramha from sand, iron & gems. Sindhusura destroyed this idol twice and twice Lord Bramha re-created it. In Kalyug Pandavas hide this original idol behind existing idol to protect it from every one.

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For Lodging and Boarding you can contact below:
1) Dharmashala of Temple.
2) Mr. Suresh Taksale, Morgaon.
3) Mr. Viju Dhere, Morgaon.
4) Mr. Kumar Wagh, Phone 02112- 79752.

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Daily Proceedings:

  5:00 a.m.    Prakal Pooja.
  7:00 a.m.    Shodashchar pooja. Khichadi is offered as Naivedya.
12:00 p.m.    Shodashchar pooja, Complete Lunch is offered as Naivedya.
  8:00 p.m.    Panchopchar Pooja, Curd and Rice is offered as Naivedya.
10:00 p.m.    Temple is closed for offering.

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