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It's located in Khalapur Taluka in Raighad District on Mumbai Pune highway.


From Mumbai: it is 85 kms. (Mumbai- Panavel- Khalapur- Hal- Mahad)

Bus Service: Regular bus services form Mumbai.

Railway Service: Nearest railway station is Khopoli; it is just 6 kms away from Mahad. Karjat is just 16 kms away from Mahad.





Mythological Story

In Kaundilya Nagar, King Bhima had a child due to blessing of Lord Ganesha. He named is son as Rukmagand. Rushi Vachaknavi was very handsome. One day Prince Rukmagand went for hunting in dark wood, where Rushi Vachaknavi's Ashram was situated. Since Yuvraj had respect for Rushi, he visited his Ashram. He met Rushi's wife Mukunda because Rushi was not present at that time. When Mukunda saw him, she was so attracted towards him that she had a desire to form relationship with the Prince. Prince did not express the same feeling as she wanted and left the Ashram. Mukunda felt insulted and cursed the Prince that leprosy would infect him. The Prince was infected by leprosy and looked very ugly. Then Narad Muni came to Prince and asked him to pray to Lord Chintamani in Theur. He (Muni) told the Prince to take bath in Kadunimb Tirtha to get cured from leprosy. In mean while, Lord Indra disguised himself as a Prince and fulfilled Mukunda's desire. She gave birth to the child and named him Grutsamad. Rushi Vachaknavi returned back to the Ashram but he was unaware about the incidence that took place in his absence. He thought that Grutsamad is his own son & raised him. After years King of Magadh invited holy Rushi Vachaknavi for shraddha along with Rushi Atri, Rushi Vishwamitra & Rushi Vasishtha. There was some discussion going on between them. In the mean time Grutsamad also joined the discussion & started arguing with them. Rushi Atri stopped him in between and told him that you are not Brahmin but you are the son of Rukmagand & also told him to go back to Ashram. Grutsamad felt insulted and asked her mother Mukunda about the truth. Mukunda narrated the entire incidence that took place. On hearing this he cursed his mother to turn into thorny tree. Reciprocating to his anger, Mukunda also cursed her son that he will be insulted in same manner as he insulted her. His son will not be human but Daitya (devil). After saying this she turned into thorny tree. Immediately after this a voice came from the sky that Grutsamad is Lord Indra's son. But Grutsamad still felt insulted & started Tapascharya in Pushpak woods to Lord Ganesha. After many years, Lord Ganesha appeared in front of him and blessed him with holy Gyan & told him that he will be known as Brahmin. He will create shloka " GANA NANTVA". He will become Rushi and will have a son who will be defeated only by Lord Shiva. Grutsamad made a temple at this place and established an idol naming it VARAD VINAYAK.

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About Idol and Temple

The Temple is facing towards east. The Sabhamandup is about 15' high, 8' long & 8 ' wide & Kalas is made of gold. There are several idols of Lord Ganesha in the main Gabhara. The main idol is facing towards east and its trunk is turned towards left. This idol is known as the original idol made by Grutsamad.

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Accommodation Facilities Shree Varad Vinayak Devasthan Trust, Mahad.

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