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This place is located in the north side of Pune at the bank of Kukadi River. Old name of this place is Lekhan Parvat or Jirnapur. And temple is on a mountain named Lenyadri.


From Pune: 113 kms far (Pune- Chakan- Rajgurunagar- Manchar- Narayangaon- Aale- Otur- Lenyadri) Or 94Kms (Pune- Chakan- Rajgurunagar- Manchar- Narayangaon- Junnar- Lenyadri)

Only Bus Services: From Pune Shivajinagar or Swargate.




Mythological Story

According to Hindu Mythology, Devi Parvati wanted Lord Ganesha as her child. So she did Tapascharya in the cave on a mountain. Lord Ganesha pleased by Devi Parvati's Tapascharya and desire. He appeared in front of her and said " Maate, everything will be according to your wish. On Bhadrapad Chaturthi, Devi Parvati made an idol of Lord Ganesha and offered pooja. The Idol had Six Hands and Three eyes and beautiful body. Suddenly the idol came alive and said " Maate (mother), I am your son Ganesha. Lord Shiva, husband of Devi Parvati said, " Before any work every one will take the name Lord Ganesha, which will sooth their work ". Devi Parvati & Lord Ganesha stayed here for 15 Years. Rushi Gautam did Upanayan sanskar of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha become son of Devi Parvati thereby the main idol is known as Girijatmaj i.e. Girija means Parvati, Atmaj means Son.

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About Idol and Temple

The reach to the main temple one has to climb up the mountain or they can use the encarved steps, which are approx. 283. The entire temple is a carved in stone & its facing towards south. The idol is faced towards north. The diamonds are fitted in Naval and eyes. No one is stopped from doing pooja of this idol.

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Accommodation Facilities

Shree Lenyadri Ganapati Devasthan Trust,
C/o Shree Shankar L Tamhane,
Post : Golegaon , Taluka: Junnar,
Dist : Pune, Pin: 410 502.
Phone: 02132 - 22350.

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